Posted by: ourwildride | May 6, 2008

Life, This Morning

Life has been very busy as I’m trying to get my groove back with one more child to juggle. Since we’ve been home he has had a fever and we’ve all had colds (or allergies – who knows). He’s cut a tooth on top. And he’s started crawling. I feel like things are going about as well as can be expected. The major issues continue to be sleep related.

Last night he did really well and slept from about 7 pm until 5 am. I gave him a bottle then and rocked him. He was clearly still tired – yawning, rubbing his eyes. However, every time his eyelids started to droop he would start kicking his legs. To me, woman who loves to sleep, this behavior seems so silly. Finally, out of desperation, at 6 I laid him in his crib and laid down on the bed right next to him (the crib is pushed up next to my side of the bed). He sat up, laid down, fussed a minute, kicked, sat up, laid down, fussed a minute… You get the idea. At 6:15 I thought, okay I’ll give him to 6:30 and if he isn’t asleep I’ll get him up and we’ll make pancakes for everyone else in the family. At 6:19 he laid down and cried hard. I reached my hand through the crib slats and rubbed his back. And after all that – he fell asleep! He was snoring by 6:22. What is that??? Now I’m wondering – do I let him sleep as long as he wants and forget the morning nap? Or do I wake him to try to continue to establish the nap schedule we’ve been working on. Ugh.

But my coffe is hot. And I’ve got real cream in it this morning. Life is good.

And the other 2 are awake… Good Morning!



  1. So glad to get another posting! Sounds like things are finding a rhythm of some kind. You have all been in our thoughts and prayers, Perry has some big bummies he wants to pass along to Wes’s new baby brother!

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