Posted by: ourwildride | July 27, 2008


This past week was a pretty monumental one. Sandwiched between T starting the week with Roseola ( I think anyway – never took him to the doctor and now he is all better) and ending the week with a family camping trip, we celebrated T’s 3rd month with our family and I went back to work (part-time). Yes, work.  It wasn’t terrible. In some ways it was actually a relief. (Seriously, the bickering does get old some days). But things around the office are a little tense. Did I mention that the front page of yesterday’s local newspaper carried an article in which the head of the company I work for denied the company is seeking bankruptcy protection? Hmmm…. One more piece to the puzzle. We will see how that all plays out over the next few weeks.

Back to camping. A&W had fun. And that was what we were after. But goodness, to say it was not the best camping experience in my life would be putting it nicely. On the way home I was feeling pretty badly about it all. Feeling badly about dragging T out when we clearly have so many sleep related issues and it was probably (well, definitely) not what he needed to be doing. Feeling badly about being so grouchy. Just feeling badly. S rather nicely reminded me that the first time we went camping with one year old A we didn’t even last 8 hours. How could I have forgotten that? Another time there were the hours upon hours of Lynyrd Skynyrd to which we were forcibly subjected. Ugh. So it could have been worse.

I thought I’d share the camping highlights:

  • The people across from us with the NY plates who could not open or close their van door without the car alarm going off. Hello.
  • The people next to us who pulled in around 11:30 pm and then shone their headlights directly on our tent while they were setting up their tent for a full 45 minutes. Hello.
  • T waking up at 5:15 am. And shouting his ‘Hey! I’m up! You should be up too! Hey! Hey!’ shout. That was payback for our neighbors.  HELLO!
  • Pushing T in a stroller for over an hour while he hit himself on the head, pulled his hair, and body slammed his back into the back of the stroller to keep himself awake. This type of behavior in him makes me insane. Hello.


But it wasn’t all bad either.  

The Joy of Camping!

The Joy of Camping!

OK crack me up! The van behind W’s head in the first shot is the people from NY who couldn’t go 5 minutes without setting off the alarm. They pulled up when T was napping and W and I were playing Guess Who. Forever memorialized. Freebird!


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