Posted by: ourwildride | May 9, 2008

Hallmark Moment?

I’m feeling a little emotional tonight. We took the little T to his first doctor’s visit today where we avoided immunizations (for now), got a prescription for a lead test (is there a pediatric phlebotomist in the house), and essentially walked away with a ‘he looks great’. But I was caught off guard by that sheet of family history and needing to write the words ‘no family history available’. Imagine, for one minute, writing those words down for your child. Imagine writing them down for yourself.

I think the extra zinger is due to Sunday being Mother’s Day. The shadows of his other mothers are here with me. I know Mami T loves him. The evidence of her love is written in his easy smile, his giggle, the way he loves to dance, and maybe his stubbornness too. He will carry her imprint always. But then I look again at his smile, his dimples, his eyelashes, ears and hair and I hear his giggle and I think ‘Is it his mother or his father’. And I wish I knew more. But this I do know – his first mom loves him too. She loved him first.

So this Mother’s Day, while I get to love on 3 wiggly little bodies and rejoice that we are all here together, my heart will go out to T’s other mothers. This Mother’s Day my thoughts are with the natural moms walking among us who wonder about their sons or daughters and the many women who question when it will be their turn for motherhood. And as I look at our new son I may question how he will perceive Mother’s Day in 10 years… 25 years… Not exactly the stuff that sells cards.

Lest I sound ungrateful about the mothers in our lives on this corporately enforced holiday – We love you and you are the best. Thank you for the love, the potty training and forcing us to care for the pets, help with the dishes and have a paper route. With that foundation how bad could we have possibly turned out? 


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