Posted by: ourwildride | April 26, 2008

A Couple More Pictures

It has been a busy couple of days. It is wonderful to have all 5 of us under the same roof. And it is our roof!! T seems to be doing pretty well. Unfortunately, he has had a fever for the past 24 hours. Doesn’t seem terribly sick, just not real happy either. For those of you curious about how things went through immigration in Atlanta, it went really fast. The agent took our folder and said ‘Oh, he’s coming in on an IR3. Everything is already done. Congratulations. Have a nice evening.’ Literally, we were processed that quickly.

There have been a few requests for more pictures. And so here you go.



Outside the Marriott at about 7 am Monday morning. En route to the Embassy.
You can already tell I’m short on coffee.

Walking in the courtyard. He was mad. He had decided Daddy was much more fun and
he was not going to let anyone take a picture of him with Mommy.

Abs to drive a Mommy wild!

Wednesday Morning – Happy Birthday! Now that’s what I call breakfast!

Party at home in the high chair. I can’t believe we are actually home!


And now it looks like I will need to buy a space upgrade. So I think I’ll call it a night. Peace.



  1. Yeah! Thanks for the pictures. It is so great to see a picture of him WITH you two. Very exciting!

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