Posted by: ourwildride | July 10, 2008

Critter Invasion

This is the wallpaper border I had picked out for W & T’s room. The room is tree frog theme with blue paint. The paint is darker on the bottom and lighter on top and the border was supposed to be in the middle. Cute isn’t it? I suppose I should say it is from the Candice Olson Kids book page 20.

Yeah, only here is the thing. I ordered it in mid-March from an online company called ‘USA Wallpaper’ and it still hasn’t arrived. Never mind that they charged my credit card way back in March before notifying me that they didn’t actually have the stuff. Never mind that the web site still lists (and has all along) the border as being in stock.   

So today (after forgetting a gazillion other days) I finally called to cancel the order. Margarita (seriously, you expect me to believe that is your real name) told me they would cancel the order and refund my money in one to two billing cycles. When I asked why will it take you 1-2 months to refund my money that you charged me the instant the order was placed in spite of never having had the product in stock she said ‘that is our policy’. Needless to say I was somewhat irritated by that policy and called my credit card company to have them resolve it as a dispute (which only took about 25 minutes and getting hung up on 2 times).

So, if you are thinking of using USA Wallpaper to order wallpaper or wallpaper border you may want to think again. In my opinion, their customer service leaves quite a bit to be desired. And even if the web site lists something as being in stock – in my experience that has been meaningless.

Just another day in my life…



  1. Aw drat! I was wondering how the border saga was going…now I know! Sorry about the customer service AND the lack of fruition in actually receiving the merchandise for which your paid!!!

    That’s a really bummer cuz that’s a really cute border!!! Any chance of finding the same thing or something similar somewhere else?! I’m sure you’ve already looked. Hmmmm & GRRRRRRRR…….

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