Posted by: ourwildride | May 31, 2008

For the First Time

in what felt like weeks (I’m embarrassed to admit it probably actually has been weeks) I listened to the real news Friday morning. Oddly enough the news was still about the Obama-Clinton thing… Has nothing else happened in the past month? And honestly, Hillary I think you are smart and have a plan and would probably do as good a job as anybody else. Charisma? Well, we just won’t go down that path. But (and it is a big but), don’t you think it is time to *gracefully* bow out? And what is all this about a ‘unity’ dinner Saturday night in NYC… If only unity were as simple as a $28k a plate ‘dinner’. Seriously, when you are being united over a $28k per plate meal it seems to leave a few people out of the conversation. Oh right – you didn’t mean the real issue of unity – it is just the throwing around of a buzzword. Sigh.

But I didn’t mention what facilitated me being able to listen to the news uninterruped – if only for a few brief moments. I was actually driving in the car by myself! Ahhhhh!


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