Posted by: ourwildride | July 3, 2008

There are Moments

…moments when I am acutely aware that I grew up on a farm. I had one of those tonight. Sitting on the porch with Princess kitty. The 3 babes safely tucked into bed. I watched the rain move across the corn field behind our house. And I felt relief. Not just a ‘whew, don’t have to water the garden tonight’. But actual relief. Odd because while I wouldn’t have said I felt stressed about the lack of rain – the relief I felt upon seeing the rain would beg to differ. Unfortunately, I think it was just a passing shower.

Enough about me. We’ve had a big couple of weeks. And here are some photos to prove it.

First Haircut. Well, actually second. But I sort of chickened out on the first one and cut his ear and then decided someone else would have to help me out. He was loving all the ladies at the hair salon. And he was a slobbery mess of drool from that lolly-pop. But could he be more handsome?

mira que guapo

Later that same day he started walking! Not the greatest photo because I cut it out of the video. But can you see how excited he is!

On the Move

We also received notice from our local courthouse that the adoption was registered/finalized here. Not quite sure how to say that. But we filed the paperwork and it was approved. So now we just have to wait for his foreign born birth certificate to be issued by the state and then apply for his social security number and US passport. And then, I think, but could be wrong, we are done with the paperwork.

In other kid news… W got his kindergarten assignment for the fall. He’ll be in a morning section. I can hardly believe it is here. Sigh. And A jumped off the diving board and swam to the side of the pool without a life jacket for the first time today! And then went on to do it about 100 more times. Do you remember that feeling?



  1. That video still is great! The haircut pic remind me of p’s as he had the same drool going on with little short hairs getting stuck to it. What a cutie.

    Glad to hear about the rain… I’m trying to be ok about leaving my garden behind.

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