Posted by: ourwildride | April 22, 2008

It’s Official

I wrote this last evening. But it didn’t post for some reason. User error, I’m sure


As of about 9:15 am today T is officially a part of our family. Talk about an odd anti-climax. Kind of a cross between the DMV and a wedding. We were sitting in a waiting room with about 30 other adoptive families and the decked out kids plus a handful of other random people with US Embassy business of some sort. There weren’t enough chairs to go around. It was hot. Babies were throwing up. T needed to poop but couldn’t. I could have used another cup of coffee (seeing as we met our facilitator outside the hotel at 6:55 am). You get the idea.

They take you into a little closet to review the paperwork and make sure all is in order. And then, one by one they call you over to a window (we were window #7) and with all the stuff going on in the background and through bullet proof glass they ask you to raise your right hand and affirm that you are taking this child for your own. That was basically it. Congratulations. Next family please.

Tomorrow we need to go back to the embassy to retrieve the visa that T needs to come into the US. Wednesday we’re coming home! If you think of us, say a little prayer around 6 pm Wednesday that we get through Immigration in Atlanta without any hassles or hold-ups. We only have 1.5 hour layover and he has extra processing because he is coming into the US for the first time. 



  1. YAHOO!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cannot WAIT to meet that handsome baby of yours!!!

    Praying for you as your journey home begins!!!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Baby T!!!!!

    God Bless,

  2. >>Kind of a cross between the DMV and a wedding<<

    Glad you can see the comedy in the situation! Love the bullet-proof glass details too. Hope you are back safe and sound. Let us know what we can do!

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