Posted by: ourwildride | April 19, 2008

Still Surreal

I wonder how long this feeling will last? For me, today feels like the time in the hospital after giving birth when the world outside momentarily ceases to exist. And I remember feeling very strange bringing A & W home from the hospital (like when are they going to realize I’m not ready for this and make me stop). Then at some point, without being conscious of a shift, it just became our life. 

T’s napping at the moment and it is nice to have a chance to take a deep breath. Yesterday when we arrived at the hotel our room wasn’t ready. They tried to give us another room but it was an adjoining room that smelled like cigarette smoke and to make a long story short we decided to wait an hour until a different room was ready. We tried to call our agency contact but kept getting her voice mail. So we were sitting in the lobby of the hotel when we saw Mami T, one of her daughters, and our lawyer walk through the door. The nice part about that is that we didn’t have the chance to sit around obsessing about when they would arrive. The downside is that we didn’t have gifts ready and were digging through our bags just trying to find our camera.

T seems to be doing okay. I really think he has some recollection of us from our February visit. He hasn’t been really happy but he isn’t distraught either, just more sad and wimper-ing. All in all, we’re doing fine. We just need a little sleep. Because, at the moment, this is T’s crib. Seriously, how can one small body demand so much space?




  1. Talk about KING of the bed! What a sweetheart… enjoy your time of keeping the world at an arm’s length. Just absorb–and keep the pictures coming!

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