Posted by: ourwildride | March 31, 2008

One More Checkbox Checked

We found out this morning that we are ‘orange‘. That indicates that the embassy doctor appointment has been scheduled. Best guess tonight is that we will be traveling the week of April 28th. Could be the week prior. Or sometime later – although it’s hard to imagine something that would cause it to be too much later at this point.

Over the weekend we started seeing the anxiety of impending separation (even if it is for only a short time) begin to rear it’s ugly head with A. We’re trying to allow her time to talk about it and to come of with some ideas of what will help her cope with it. Mainly because I have no idea what other approach to take. And it is a little maddening to start thinking -Is this your problem? Or my problem? And how much of your problem is my problem because you are 7? And round and round we go.



  1. Congratulations on ORANGE! I’ll be praying for your family while you’re away.

    Thanks, again, for delivering that ziplock for my little one.


  2. Congrats on your orange status Jane–
    just one more step to cross of in this long and torturous process 🙂

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