Posted by: ourwildride | February 29, 2008

Just a Post Before We Go

T ScreamT Happy3 kids

I am in love. Sigh. Totally, utterly, in love with:

  • His sweaty baby body
  • His eyes the color of melted dark chocolate (my favorite)
  • The way his whole face smiles and his whole body giggles
  • His apple cheeks
  • The strawberry birthmark on his back
  • The way he razzes when he is sleepy
  • His chubby hands and feet
  • The way he cuddles into my neck

Adios, mi amor. And please PGN, let us go. 



  1. Okay, crying here… though not as hard as T in that first shot! 😉

    Safe travels to your family and an extra measure of peace today.

  2. Crying too…..

    Oh my, J!!! I am so sorry you had the opportunity to visit!!! I thought about you all week…about what you were all doing together almost every second of every day!!!

    I pray that this coming week will be a peaceful one for you! I know too well the sadness of not having your baby around after spending the week with him, BUT it won’t be long before you are back scooping him up and holding him in your arms, never to have to let go again!!!

    And yes…please PGN…LET THEM GO!!! Praying fervently for your approval (have you seen the recent OUT dates?! 2/11, 2/12, 2/15…I’m thinking it will be any day now for you!!!!)

    God Bless,

  3. Oh good grief!!! So much for proof-reading!!! That second sentence should have said…

    “I am so happy you had the opportunity to visit!!!”

    UGH…I’m not sorry at ALL that you were able to visit your son! Don’t even know where that came from! Wasn’t even CLOSE to a Freudian slip!!! Sorry…UGH!!!!!!

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