Posted by: ourwildride | February 26, 2008

In Real Time (almost)

Just had breakfast and this is what he is up to at the moment.  All is good.

What an incredible experience. It was wonderful meeting Mami T (his foster mom) yesterday. She seems absolutely awesome. He was distraught after she left. Understandably so. But still difficult to watch. Regardless, I am so glad we are here.   



  1. ADORABLE!!!! Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Can you believe you can finally hold him? Wow. Amazing. Love you guys,

  2. WOW! His hair seems to be so tame! HAH! Can’t wait to hear about being together.


  3. Wow, so awesome. What a blessing.
    Looking forward to hearing the full report and more pictures!

  4. So beautiful! We have been thinking about you all so much. Can’t wait to hear more. love, Glo

  5. Jane, I have been stalking the blog for more pics — can’t wait to see them and hear all about your trip. We’re praying for you!

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