Posted by: ourwildride | February 25, 2008

Donde esta Karla?

Karla is the coordinator for our case. She was supposed to contact us before 11 am this morning to let us know what the plans were for meeting Mami T and Baby T. If she hadn’t called by 11 we were allowed to call her. We she hasn’t called yet (11:12 am local time) and when we just tried to call a few minutes ago she didn’t answer. Sigh.

Ahhhh – I knew if I typed that the phone would ring. And it did! She said they would be here in 10 minutes! So here we go!



  1. I actually remembered about you guys and was praying for you this morning while walking! I can’t wait to talk to you.


  2. AWESOME!!! Saying many, many prayers for you today!!! So glad you got your luggage!!!

    Just the words “So here we go!” brought tears to my eyes as I began thinking about you all welcoming T into your arms for the first time today!!! What a joyous moment!!! So glad that you are all able to be there visiting this precious child!!!

    God Bless,

  3. Hoping your night is peaceful … although I know whatever the night holds, your heart will be at peace with the togetherness of your family. Give Mr. T big squeezes from the Weavers!!! Thinking of you guys … love you!

  4. Que paso?????? I prayed all day yesterday and couldn’t stop thinking about ya’ll. What an amazing day.

  5. Hi, We hope you all are having a wonderful time. Our little grandson is beautiful! Our prayres are for a safe trip. Love Pop-pop and Nana

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