Posted by: ourwildride | February 4, 2008

Tar Pits

I’ve been dreaming of (nightmares really) and thinking about tar pits.

La Brea Tar Pits Thanks to Frederick P Brooks, Jr and his classic book, The Mythical Man-Month, it is an image forever linked with software engineering projects. I’m currently working on a software implementation project that is falling increasingly behind schedule. In fact, it is getting downright ugly. Then again, I’ve never worked on an implementation project that hasn’t gotten ugly at some point.

tRex at AMNH

I also suddenly, and somewhat unexpectedly, have 2 budding Paleontologists (thanks to a National Geographic Explorer documentary) and spent a really fun day with A at the American Museum of Natural History last week. Yes, I know no dinosaur bones have been found at the La Brea Tar Pits (the mural pictured above) – but it is all the same in my head.

Then there is T’s adoption process. We are still *patiently* waiting to have our paperwork cleared out of the San Rafael Civil Registry. Late last week we learned the the newly appointed Central Authority suspended the acceptance of registrations for in-process adoptions. I’m not terribly surprised given the fact that the whole thing seemed to be pretty hastily thrown together. Then within a month appointees were replaced by the incoming presidential administration. JCICS is quoting the number of transitional cases as 3,000. I have hope that these cases will be processed, but I don’t think it will happen quickly.

I consider us officially thrashing in a bureaucratic tar pit. Unlike the prehistoric tar pits, I know (one way or the other) we will eventually get out of this one. But it feels awfully sticky at the moment. I try to free my foot and my hand sinks. Then I manage to free my hand while my other foot sinks deeper. But my heart? It was trapped long ago. Sucked into the abyss of mothering a child I’ve yet to meet.

And so we hope. And we pray. Not so much about what is right for us. But about what is right for him.


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