Posted by: ourwildride | January 21, 2008

And Still More Press

Last night Dateline NBC aired a ‘news’ story on corrupt adoption practices in Guatemala. I put the news in quotes because while I’m sadly afraid there was too much truth in the accusations, there is also more to the story. I believe at the center of the issues with the Guatemalan system lie a few shady characters. While some of those individuals have been detained and formally charged with crimes over the past year, clearly there are still others at large. They should be held accountable for their actions. Sadly, I don’t see it happening.

I know some of you are very concerned about where we are in this mess. Quite honestly, we have some concerns too. But I want to reassure you (okay, and maybe myself a little) that we are working with a reputable agency that has been doing adoptions in Guatemala for over 10 years. In the winter issue of our agency’s magazine there was an article by Bill Blacquire, who is the agency president, that addresses this very issue in the following statement.

‘In light of the fraudulent adoptions that sometimes occur in Guatemala, Bethany has been careful to select and work with attorneys who demonstrate ethical adoption practices. At times, this means that Bethany will not accept children from some attorneys or facilitators. It also means that, at times, Bethany does not receive children into its sponsored orphanage from judges because of our unwillingness to participate in any illegal activity.’

He speaks of meetings with the US State Department in the spring of 2007 during which Bethany was praised for handling it’s Guatemala adoptions with ‘honesty and integrity’. He continues on to say that ‘Bethany may not place the most children from Guatemala, nor do we always place the youngest children; however, Bethany completes adoptions ethically and with integrity.’

Kelly and Kevin at had this on the blog yesterday and it seems to ring so true for me. They said, an adoption attorney once told them that ‘at its best there is no system as good as Guatemala’s, at its worst, there is none worse’.


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