Posted by: ourwildride | January 14, 2008

What to Say?

My brain is all over the place tonight. I’m sad about some things and excited about others, questions some things and knowing others, but mostly I’m just really tired.

After our Christmas kick out and the recognition that this process could potentially drag out a while longer, we decided to try to visit T. Plans seem to be working out for a visit in Feb. We don’t have the hotel booked yet but we have purchased the airline tickets. We’re trying to get approval from our agency to stay at a hotel that isn’t on their ‘preferred’ list. Could there be anything about this process that doesn’t involve red tape?? 

Also falling in the happy category – last week we got some new pics. I think he is ready to do the chicken dance! And man, do I love that drool or what? How can it be so cute on babies but not anybody else?


And I think I’ll leave the serious stuff for another post. I need sleep and I fear I may be a bit incoherent. In short – as much as I want him here, with us, right now, my heart is breaking for his mother. And it is breaking for him too.


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