Posted by: ourwildride | January 12, 2008

Shove Off Princesses

And howdy to the horses.

Today I said goodbye to the princess themed bedroom. I’m feeling a little bit melancholy. Our little girl has achieved a milestone I thought I would celebrate with loud revelry. And while I’m celebrating a little (’cause I never really liked that perfect little girly girl stuff anyway), I’m also a little sad. As per usual. I have trouble enjoying something until it is too late.

I was remembering the day at the paint store when 4 year old A begged and begged for the hot pink pink. And I was insisting on the barely pink pink. The man at the paint store said to me ‘If she wants the hot pink get her the hot pink. Next time around it is going to be so much worse’. There was a lot of wisdom in that assessment. We compromised – 3 walls barely pink and 1 wall hot pink. And oh is it hot! My IRL friends will concur that the room glows down the hallway like a radioactive waste dump. Lucky for me, she still likes the pink paint. We’re just replacing the border and pictures. And I’m going to enjoy the toxic shimmer coming from her room until she is old enough to repaint it herself. 


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