Posted by: ourwildride | December 23, 2007

Kicked Out

Imagine that I actually didn’t check my email for almost 48 consecutive hours. No more power issues so, seriously, don’t know how it happened. I take it back. Actually, we are in the midst of a Lost – Season 3 marathon which is exactly how it happened. Plus the holidays. Blah!

Tonight I saw that we had received a legal update with a 10 pm Friday time stamp. In some ways I wish I hadn’t seen it until after the holidays. Cause it wasn’t a good one. We were kicked out with 4 objections to our case. All are things that have to be corrected on the Guatemalan side. But we weren’t given much clarification on the issues or a time frame for completing the corrections. Now our case worker is off (as she deserves to be) until after the new year and… here comes a vent… I can’t stand not knowing. Not that it makes a difference because there is nothing I can do about it. I just want to know.

And today this baby boy turned 8 months old. Is he pulling up? Crawling? Walking? How many teeth does he have? Does he suck his thumb? Does he razz? Does he giggle?


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