Posted by: ourwildride | December 9, 2007

My Favorite Things

I’ve tried to take a tiny mental break from ‘processing’ the adoption this week. In part because the Holidays give me plenty of other stuff to think about. In part because a friend (who is also an adoptive mom) reminded me of a visit she made soon after one of our kids was born. I’m sure the house was a disaster and I was all weepy and had miserably sore breasts. She said she remembers asking me how I was getting it all done and I responded more or less – that it was just life. It was a reminder that no matter how much I process prior to T coming to our family that it will just be what it is. Life. Our reality. And I won’t know that reality until I live it.

Hmmm. So much for not processing. 

What I started out to say was that I was recently introduced to two new (to me) products that are set to make my holiday a little brighter (and by brighter I mean more cheerful and less stinky).

One is Sheerlund Forrest’s Stand Strait Christmas Tree Stand. This is the best idea ever! We got our tree up in minutes without a single less than savory word muttered under anyones breath. That is very helpful for the whole Christmas spirit thing. 

The other, totally unrelated to the first, is a pet stain removal product with the utterly unsavory name of Planet Urine. The name of it so grosses me out that I almost couldn’t order it. But I have to say that it really works. It did seems to lighten our more plush living room carpet in spots. But the odor is gone so I really don’t care. All along we’ve been saying we’ll replace that carpet as soon as Max crosses to the happy hunting grounds anyway. But it was really amazing on the berber carpet. It still looks like berber that has been in a house for more than, say, 5 minutes – but even the stain on A’s rug where someone (ahem) spilled coffee is really not that noticeable. 


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