Posted by: ourwildride | December 3, 2007

What is the PGN?

People have asked us about the PGN. This post with pictures of the PGN was on a blog run by our agency. I look at that window and I think it looks like it should be beside a dictionary definition of bureaucracy. Not unlike the nondescript office in Harrisburg, PA where I went to get the state seals verifying (at $10 a pop) that the notaries who had notarized our paperwork had valid licenses.

Each case is supposedly reviewed by 3 different reviewers. Any of the reviewers has the ability to kick out (henceforth known as KO) a case for corrections. Current time-frames for a stay in PGN have been running about 8 weeks. Each resubmit after a KO also takes about 8 weeks. Sometimes the reviewers can request minor corrections/amendments and sometimes they can request really absurd things. We know of a family who had to find a special typewriter to correct a certain form in order to meet PGN requirements for a correction.

In theory the PGN is supposed to attest to the validity of a case and prevent invalid cases or cases that were improperly processed from moving forward.



  1. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for delurking the other day, I really appreciate the comment!

    Your family is beautiful – and it really is a wild ride, isn’t it? I can’t believe how fast it all goes either!!!

  2. I have two old typewriters if you need them. Here’s hoping you won’t. The babe looks lovely and drooly–just like he should!

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