Posted by: ourwildride | November 28, 2007

And Tomorrow Brings

an update and pictures!

That would be tomorrow from Monday’s post… which would also be yesterday from today. But I’ll get directly to the point.


We got an awesome set of pictures taken on 11/8 – same day as the video was shot. Don’t you just want to squeeze him?And look at those teeth on the bottom!

But better than all the pictures was the receipt notifying us that we were submitted to the PGN on 11/19. The PGN is the Guatemalan authority that approves adoption cases. It is expected to take about 8 weeks to rule on a case. We’re not sure how the holidays will affect that timing. Nor are we sure what will happen with the 12/31 deadline looming. By our calculations (which have a large margin of error) best case scenario at this point would be pick up in Feb ’08. Worst case scenario – well, we just aren’t going there at the moment.

At this point we’re trying to relax and celebrate getting to this milestone. It is out of our hands. I don’t trust myself to make an unbiased assessment of his ‘best interest’ right now and so we pray that whatever is honestly in his best interest would happen.


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