Posted by: ourwildride | November 26, 2007

Keeping On

We got a video today. An awesome 1 minute preview of baby T. He is chewing, drooling, and watching the conversation. Voices are off-camera and he is looking up at them when they talk. AND he got a haircut! Guess he won’t be coming home in dreadlocks after all. Ironically, it looks like he has the same barber as W.

There was lots of good news on a forum I belong to today. Lots of really great stuff happening for a number of families. And I’m genuinely happy for people. At the same time it is a little tough not to see progress with our case. We’re still waiting to hear if the case has been submitted to PGN and we were really expecting to hear something today.

Instead we’ll keep on keeping on. And we’ll see what tomorrow brings.



  1. I guess you spoke too soon! It’s been a good few days indeed.

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