Posted by: ourwildride | November 16, 2007

Am I the Only One?

Who just thinks that it is totally, utterly, disturbingly WRONG for the Holiday thing to have started already????????? Seriously.

A and I went shopping this week for our Angel Tree gifts. Does that make me part of the problem? My excuse – she had a 1/2 day and W was at pre-school. Plus they have to be returned by Dec 2nd. I was startled by how much hoop-la already abounded. I’m wondering if this is new or if I haven’t set foot inside a shopping center in the month of November ever before? And Santa is arriving at the mall THIS weekend. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. So Wrong.

I know some of you love Christmas and would celebrate it all year if you could. But to me this to me is another symptom of a culture that is chronically dissatisfied with ‘life in the moment’. Always something bigger, always something better, somewhere.

Give me a break and let’s enjoy Thanksgiving already.


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