Posted by: ourwildride | October 23, 2007

Another Month

Our baby boy reached his 6 month milestone today. We got a new set of pictures yesterday. I’m trying to savor them since we were told not to expect them as regularly after the 6 month check up (since they don’t go to the doctor as regularly). He looks so annoyed in them all. Crack me up, because I’m sure I’ve got the same expression on my face most days as well. NOW, WHAT??


We also received a legal update. With it was confirmation that the family court interviews were completed. So now we are waiting on family court approval (Guatemalan side) and US Embassy Visa pre-approval (US side). When those pieces are in place, the next step will be what is known as PGN. Please pray that as our case is prepared to enter PGN everything is in order. And as odd as this may sound, please also pray that we are assigned to reviewers who are not personally opposed to the idea of adoption. The PGN reviewers have the ability to hold up a case for any number of valid or less than valid reasons (officially known as objections).

And finally a note on the status of Guatemala inter-country adoptions. We really don’t know what will happen over the next few months. There have been so many contradictory statements published it makes my head spin. And it makes me wonder if politicians are the way they are before they are elected or if they mutate into politicians after the fact.



  1. AAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing picture!!! I love seeing Toby on his belly!!! He certainly does look a little less than thrilled with his photo shoot. He’s looking at the camera saying…”Come ON already! Quit taking picture of me for Mommy and Daddy and just send them to get me!!! Sheesh!!!!”

    Praying soooo hard that since the Interviews are done that you will get PA and be entered into PGN soooon!!!!! I’ve been thinking of you daily and praying that the remaining steps of this arduous process will happen with lightening speed! I have such hope that we’ll be traveling to get our BABES together!!!! I can’t WAIT!!!!

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY TOBY!!!!!!! You are WAY too cute…it’s not even legal how cute you are!!!!!

    God Bless

  2. OH…and you better post these pics on the BB!!! Toby’s BB Aunties will NOT be happy if they don’t hear from you soon:)! I just might add you to the WWN (Wonderful Weekly News) whether you post or NOT (the privilege of running the show, right?):p!!!!

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