Posted by: ourwildride | October 19, 2007

The Smallest Things

Sometimes the smallest things can really get a person through the day. Like, for example, following a car with incongruous bumper stickers. In this case the one on the left hand side was a Harley Davidson bumper sticker. The one on the right hand side read ‘I <heart> my Pomeranian’. Seriously! I realize my mental functioning may have been on the low end of the scale but I laughed so hard at that. Then I followed them to the next stop light and laughed some more.

Harley + Pomeranian just does not compute for me. Harley + Chihuahua I could see working. They are some crazy little dogs. Not that I’m biased or anything. It’s just that Max and I once got chased down the street by a pack of about 7 Chihuahuas. I wish I had that on video because in retrospect I can only imagine how hilarious it would have been to see. Huge dog and grown woman running from a pack of errant little yap-meisters. And there was no way we were going to outrun them. I finally turned and started kicking and screaming at them like a crazy woman – and then took off running after them. And they turned tail.

Ah yes, my point?

Harley + Chihuahua I can see. Little leather jacket, hat and goggles plus a spiked collar. 

But the Pom? I just don’t know. They seem so high maintenance and fru-fru. But perhaps Harley drivers are high maintenance too. Maybe that is the connection. I can tell I’m going to have to ask the Harley riding grandma (yeah, that’s you Bec) the next time I see her.

This is how I imagine life with a Pomeranian (and no offense to any of you ‘I <heart> My Pomeranian’ people):
Pompus the Pomeranian: Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap, Yap
Me: Oh crud, is that another hairball in my coffee? 


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