Posted by: ourwildride | October 8, 2007

Pop Quiz

Multiple choice question. 

Is 99.97%:
B) S’s GPA
C) The probability that the woman claiming to be Toby’s birthmother is actually his birthmother

Correct answer (fairly obviously) is C! That’s right – we have DNA confirmation. One step forward.

And just a little FYI – with all the (in my opinion) misrepresentation about Guatemalan adoptions currently in the media I want you to know that the DNA testing is done by US embassy approved doctors. Both the mother and child must be present together (photographs are taken to prove it). And the actual testing is completed by US embassy approved laboratories in the US.

Next up:  We need our family court approval (these are the Guatemalan ‘social workers’ responsible for approving paperwork to move forward). The birthmother had her interview on the same day as the DNA test. The foster mother was supposed to have her interview last week but we haven’t heard for sure if that actually happened.

I goes without saying and yet I also feel the need to bring up (again) that as grateful as we are to be moving forward I can’t help but feel deep anguish for Toby’s birthmother. I don’t really have any idea what she is experiencing, but I pray she is finding the support she needs.

And finally, good news on the political front over the past few days. I’ll skip all the intermediary steps and get to the point. It looks like cases in progress will be ‘grandfathered’ under the rules in place at the inception of the case. I’ll refer you to the JCICS for details. Our agency hasn’t offered an official interpretation yet – but we are much more hopeful than we were 2 weeks ago.


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