Posted by: ourwildride | September 26, 2007


Yesterday the US Department of State posted a very ominous sounding statement. Among things the statement read, “…Guatemalan officials have informed us that Guatemala plans to require cases pending or filed after December 31, 2007 to meet Hague standards, even if the adoption procedures commenced before that date….We understand this to mean that Guatemala will stop processing adoptions to the United States beginning January 1, 2008…”

In response, our agency issued the following statement, “While we take the statement seriously this posting does not contain the last word on the subject. The Guatemala government is in dialogue with the State Department, The Hague Permanent Bureau and others in deciding how adoptions will be processed under any new system. Families should not panic. We will be discussing this further.”

We really don’t know what all this means. We do feel like the chance for a disrupted adoption just got much higher for us. Knowning this, we cannot in good conscience, ask people to support us financially at this time. Therefore, our fundraiser scheduled for next Saturday, October 6th has been postponed.

Our greatest concern at this point is for our son and the thousands of other children in his situation. Please pray for these children and the other families in process. Please pray that those in power would consider what is in the best interest of the children over the politics of the issue.



  1. Praying…Praying…Praying…

    What more can I say?

    I think about you, S, A, W, and Toby EVERY DAY! Call if you need to talk!!!

    God Bless

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