Posted by: ourwildride | September 15, 2007

Hola, gaupo!

Well much to my suprise we received an updated medical (15 pounds & on target for developmental milestones) and pictures on Friday.  I was suprised because our case worked is off until Tuesday and we weren’t expecting anything until she got back.  So thanks to our agency for going the extra mile this week.  

Soooo, without further ado, here is our handsome little guy!

Toby - September

He is getting so big I can hardly stand it.  He is wearing an outfit we sent down in July.  And also among the pictures was evidence that our friends successfully dropped off another ziplock of love in Augut.  Thanks guys!

We are still waiting for his dna testing to be completed.  We don’t know why it hasn’t happened yet.  Please pray that whatever is holding up this step would be resolved, quickly.  Please continue to remember Toby’s birthmother as well.       



  1. Your more than welcome! I love little (or not so little!) T’s smile there.

    Been thinking and praying for you all. See ya in a few weeks!

  2. Holy Samolians….is he cute or WHAT?!!!

    Oh my goodness…I just can’t stop looking at him! I come back every day just to look at his picture! I know…call me a stalker, but he’s just so darn CUTE!!!!

    CONGRATS on getting pictures and a GREAT medical update! I’m sending all sorts of prayers up for that stinking DNA test to be done!!! Of course you probably won’t need to tell us it happened cuz I’m sure we’ll hear the whooping and hollering all the way to our house!!! And have no fear…we’ll be whooping and shouting praises right along with ya!!!

    God Bless

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