Posted by: ourwildride | July 29, 2007

“Who was my foster mom?”

That’s what W asked while we were driving in the car. 

My answer: ‘Mom and Dad are your biological parents.  You didn’t have a foster family.’
W:  ‘No, I mean, I know you are my forever family, but where did I live before our family.’
A:  ‘You grew in Mom’s uterus and then you were born and then you came home to our house with Mom and Dad and me.  You never lived with anyone else.’
W:  ‘Oh.’  With a that’s a real bummer intonation.

Then we drove by a soybean field and he went into farming mode. 



  1. Oh, from the mouths of babes. That is really cute.

    It’s so amazing to me how much the waiting siblings “get” about this whole process. I mean, to me, asking such a question means he understands more than certainly I would have imagined such a young guy to understand. And I am so glad children have the innocence to just ask and accept. It means nothing to him. Being raised in a foster family or in a biological family, to him, is no different, really (at least not yet). Both are a family and the results of both are parents who love and adore you, so there’s nothing wrong with either, right?

    Thanks for sharing this cute story. What a sweetie you have (in both your children).

    God Bless

  2. Kids make everything sound so simple and so very very complex. P has taken to shouting “corn” when he sees it growing beyond his car window.

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