Posted by: ourwildride | July 26, 2007

Vine Ripened

It’s 5:30 Thursday.  We’ve heard nothing from our agency this week.  Our case worker is off on Fridays – so I suppose that means there is no new info this week. 

S took the kiddos to swim lessons and I am having a few minutes alone.  So wonderful!  I had a day in the kitchen today.  A is getting to be a good helper (when she wants to help).  We made pickles and hot pepper jelly.  A got her pickles ready for the Oley Fair.  

And now I just finished freezing some tomatoes.  I was staring at them trying to figure out what to do with them and flipping through a cookbook trying to find a sauce recipe.  But all the sauce recipes call for lots of tomatoes (like 3/4 bushel) which I didn’t have.  Then I saw a little note in the margin that said when the author has just a few tomatoes, she washed them, cuts the spots out, chops them and freezes them.  How easy could that be? And why had it never crossed my little brain?  Then I had a notion that there might be a few more ripe peppers in the garden this afternoon so I went to find them – chopped them and threw them in on top of the tomatoes.  Crockpot ready.  I hope when I pull them out to use, I’ll remember how hot it was today and that the peppers were still warm from the sun when the went into the freezer.       

Oh, and someone asked me how the groundhogs are doing by now.  I’d say they are doing just fine.  Rest in peace.  And the carrots are recovering their tops. 


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