Posted by: ourwildride | July 20, 2007

Sitting in a wind tunnel is fun!

We got some new pictures of Toby this week! It’s so fun to get any information. It makes it feel tangible – instead of just like an alternate reality. So here he is, bouffant and all…

Sitting in a wind tunnel is fun!


On the more serious side, we’ve been spending lots of time contemplating Toby’s birthmother.  Adoption creates such a unique and complex dynamic within a family.  And we will be forever intimately connected to a woman we otherwise never would have known existed.  It is very hard to relate to her world and reality.  And yet, her reality is crashing head on into our reality.  My heart breaks for Toby’s birthmother and it breaks for the loss that I assume he will have to grapple with over the course of his life.   

Over the next few weeks (it may even take months to actually schedule) Toby’s birthmother will have to consent to be DNA tested as proof of her maternity.  She will also have to go to Guatemalan family court to make a statement concerning her relinquishment of maternal rights over Toby.  It will probably be the first time she sees Toby since he was placed in foster care.  Most likely those events will happen on the same day, which I imagine will be long and emotional.  We all know that something that is right in our head can still break our heart.  So please remember her.  And respect her. 



  1. That is the absolute CUTEST picture ever! I LOVE his hair and his smile. I can just about hear the giggle coming out of his mouth! How awesome to receive such amazing pictures!

    You all remain in my daily thoughts and prayers!

    God Bless

  2. We love the latest picture of Toby even though he looks a little sad. You could just hug him and hold him all day when you look at that face.
    Steve and I cannot imagine what it must be like waiting and even still hoping for Toby to come to the U.S. to be with you all. Just know that Toby is in God’s hands and that our Heavenly Father wants the very best for Toby. You guys are on our hearts. We miss ya like crazy too. Lynn and K2

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