Posted by: ourwildride | July 12, 2007

The score

Us:  0
Backyard Pests:  11
Our cats:  -1

We have no adoption updates to share.  But I thought I’d let you know that the groundhogs are winning!  Honestly, who’d think they could be so cunning???  

So the scores have been tallied like this: 

  • Groundhogs:  5 points for the broccoli, 5 points for the carrots, and 1 point for knocking the have-a-heart trap on it’s side and getting the peanut butter out without getting caught.  Do you really think the groundhogs did that? 
  • Us:  Well I think that goose egg is pretty clear.  Although I feel like I might deserve a point just for learning how to set a trap and shoot a shot gun. 
  • Our cats:  Yup, Princess was the only thing to be captured thus far…  I’d say it was a good choice that we opted for the have a heart trap and not the giant bear claw type thing that would spring closed on them.

I was reminded of a book W likes to read starring ‘Alaska Jud’ the new rancher in Montana and ‘Red Rip’ the bobcat.  To make a long story short, Alaska Jud is relieved of his chickens and sent packing back to Alaska.  I suppose if we can’t even outsmart a groundhog we should at least be thankful that we’re not dealing with a bobcat. 



  1. Oh my gosh…that is so funny! We have pesky groundhogs too, but a fence around our garden to keep them out, thank goodnes! Plus, since we mostly grow hot peppers I don’t think they would be too interested in our garden:)!

    Good luck in conquering the groundhogs!!!!

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