Posted by: ourwildride | July 7, 2007

True Measure of a Gallon Ziplock Bag

We found out this week that there was a family traveling to Gautemala who was willing to carry a small package to Toby for us.  (Another family with our same agency).  How it works is we get to send anything (legal) as long as it all fits within a 1 gallon plastic ziploc bag.  And let me tell you – it is pretty amazing how much stuff can fit in there.  Contents include, but not limited to, 2 single use cameras, a lovely green ‘lovey’ (very high priority for A & W), an outfit, 2 board books, a rattle friends gave us as a baby present (although W is having a hard time parting with it), shoes, socks, and candy for the foster family.  Pretty amazing.  Now if only we could figure out how to shrink ourselves to fit in there… 

 Here’s A&W with the ziplock of love…

 A&W with Ziplock of Love 


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