Posted by: ourwildride | July 2, 2007

Hello world!

I’ve told people I’m going to start a blog to communicate our adoption news. I was unsure how to kick this whole thing off and I couldn’t think up a very catchy title for it either. Which is mostly why I haven’t started up to now. But I suppose in order to get started I just need to start. So here I go.

First – about the name… I helped with Bible School last week and the theme was ‘Avalanche Ranch’. One of the theme songs that the kids loved was titled ‘Wild Ride’ and it was a fun song. Our adoption journey has at moments felt like a wild ride. It also feels like a slow boat to Guatemala. So maybe we’re on a wild ride in a slow boat to Guatemala. At any rate, it struck me that if we aren’t on a wild ride (at least sometimes) we’re probably doing something wrong.

And what of the adoption? Here are the basics. Toby was born in Guatemala on April 23rd. He is currently in foster care. The process is expected to take 6-12 months (counting from mid June) to complete. That does not mean his adoption will absolutely be completed by June of 2008 and we have no control over the speed of the process. We’re on Guatemala time now. Pray that God would be involved in every step of this process – yes, of course, we want it to happen as quickly as possible so pray big. But also remember (note to myself)  it isn’t necessarily about what we want.

The agency we are using is Bethany Christian Services. They are an extremely reputable agency. Guatemalan adoptions have been getting some bad press of late. There are valid concerns that all international adoptions from Guatemala will be halted. (This is a risk assumed to a greater or lesser degree in any international adoption.) We’d be happy to talk with any of you about that in a one on one setting. The point I want to make is that as much as we feel that our child is in Guatemala, we have no interest in adopting a child that is not legally available for adoption. Additionally, while we struggle on an intellectual level with the concept of removing this child from his culture of origin, the bottom line is that there is no family there for him. His family is here.

So, what are the next steps? There are a multitude of intermediate little steps taking place that show us our case is moving forward. However, the next big milestones are:

  • DNA testing – to demonstrate that the woman relinquishing Toby is actually his birthmother.
  • Family Court – all our documentation (and believe me, it is a stack) is sent to a state appointed social worker for review. At this point the birthmother must again affirm her decision to relinquish her child.

These are different steps and each is expected to take a few months. However, they can happen concurrently.

One more thing. Toby is currently living in foster care. The foster families who work with Bethany’s Guatemalan facilitators have excellent reputations. But I am really missing this time with him. Please pray that there is someone in the home loving him and with whom he can bond. While this may seem a little strange, it is really important for his future ability to bond with us and will impact all his future relationships.



  1. Hi J, S, W and A–greetings from Colorado!
    Toby is a beautiful baby–and looks very pleasant!
    The G’s are praying for Toby, you, his foster family and for peace for his birth mother.

  2. I just stumbled across your blogs…I too have a 6 month old in Gutaemala waiting to come home. This PGN stuff is for the birds, we got in Christmas day. Would love to talk with you if you are at all interested…in listening to me complain/whine too 🙂 Kellie

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